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Model correlations

Exploring correlations between two models

Segment Hunter

Best Strava segments to attempt PRs given current weather conditions

Store sales matrix

Visualizing stores sales over time

Antibiotics after world war II

What antibiotics worked most effectively for different bacteria types?

Prime number in US zipcodes

Exploring prime number in US zipcodes

The cost of a mortgage

Exploring the cost of a mortgage

Usesthis 1k interviews

A little celebration of usesthis reaching 1k interviews.

Model performance

Visualizing model performance

Sales with Horizon Charts

Exploring store sales with horizon charts

IMDB movies dataset

Looking for insights in an imdb movies dataset.

US Flights

Exploring a flight dataset for all the airports in the US.

US Wind Energy

A look at wind energy per US state.

Bike gear ratios

Visualizing gear ratios on different bike drivetrains.


A visual representation of the fibonnacci series.

Data Viz Society signups

A look into the signups to the data visualization society over time.

Data Viz Society slack stats

Stats on the data viz society slack channels over time.

D3 core functionality review

An article describing D3's selections and data binding.

Dashboard redesign

Dashboard redesign of a correlation dataset.


Bringing the power of horizon charts to the genomic domain.


A little service that gives strava kudos to people you follow.


Use your raspberry pi to convert your room into a club.

Vim Markdown

A vim plugin to render, view and sync up markdown from vim.

Bio Brew

A tiny package manager for crucial Unix and Bioinformatics tools.


Real time allele screening method for genomic data.


Solutions in Go and Python for some of the Euler challenges.

Music and pixels

Visualize music with Neopixels.


A modest nest-like device using Arduino hardware.

Temp Sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor with Librato as a backend.

Next Gen Deck

A Dashboard to facilitate quality control for genomic data.


My efforts to understand how the Fourier transform works.

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